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Chosing a domain name

Choosing a domain name can be complicated so we broke it down into 3 steps.

Step one, not just any name will do. When choosing a domain name for your website you don’t just want any name.

Mostly you want to choose your companies name, or a website related to what your business does. If your company name is John Doe, you’d probably want www dot john doe dot com.

Step two, find clever ways to use as little characters as possible. Try to use a minimal number of words as possible, one word domain names provide the most value.

Step three is to use domain name extension creatively as there are many domain name extensions to choose from.

Domain name extension are your .com, .ca, .org, .info and other available domain name extensions.

You also want to buy all the domain name extension available for the name you chose. This is to avoid copycat websites from pretending to be your business and misusing your company name.

Post by: Jeffrey Miles