Cybersecurity Alert: Anniversary of Russia-Ukraine War Sparks Concerns

cyberwar - solider in army gear on laptop

Two years have elapsed since the Russia-Ukraine conflict ignited. On February 19th, the Canadian government sounded the alarm, cautioning of potential cyber-attacks coinciding with this anniversary. They specifically warned of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, website defacement, and other digital threats.

Fast forward to February 23rd, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) disclosed they had fallen victim to a cyber-attack. While specifics were scarce, they reassured the public that control was swiftly regained, eliminating any immediate danger.

Malware Infected Websites
Malware Infected Websites

In parallel, recent days have witnessed a surge in cyber assaults targeting not only Ukraine but also healthcare facilities across the United States. Adding to the concern, Jeff Social Marketing uncovered the proliferation of malicious websites infiltrating Google Analytics data. One such site, “,” has been identified as harboring harmful viruses. Curiously, despite being registered to a Russian company, traffic from these sites seem to originate in Poland.

With the two-year mark of the Russia-Ukraine conflict upon us, maintaining heightened awareness is crucial. We’ll remain vigilant and ensure you’re kept informed of any further developments.