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Search engine optimization (SEO) services in North York.

We offer tailored search engine optimization (SEO) solutions designed to enhance the online visibility and ranking of businesses in North York. Our team employs strategic SEO techniques to drive organic traffic, improve website performance, and generate higher conversion rates.

Our customers are on the first page of Google’s search results for their target keywords.

Jeffrey M.

Free! Search Engine Optimization Audit

FREE! Audit Your Website’s SEO Now! For a Limited Amount of Time.
Enter the URL of your homepage, or any page on your site to get a report of how it performs in about 30 seconds.

Our focus on ethical, sustainable SEO practices means that you’ll see real, long-term results, not just a temporary boost.

Jeffrey M.

SEO Packages

Monthly Plans & Pricing

Starter SEO Package


5 backlinks

5 pages optimized

website & security audit

5 keywords targeted

3 competitor analysis

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

10 backlinks

10 pages optimized

website & security audit

10 keywords targeted

5 competitor analysis

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Executive SEO Package


15 backlinks

15 pages optimized

website & security audit

15 keywords targeted

5 competitor analysis

Google Analytics

Google Search Console


Client Reviews

Bryan Pereira
Bryan Pereira

Exposure Tours

Jeff did an amazing job guiding me though updating a very old site with a new design and better hosting options. In particular he added extra security features and optimized the site to run more efficiently.

Zoran Koler
Zoran Koler

Zoran Plumbing

I am very happy I found Jeff and started working with him. He made two websites for my company, started advertising my business, and I must say it’s great to have someone who really cares about your business success.

Press Release Distribution

Our team of experienced writers can help you create a compelling press release that will capture the attention of journalists and media outlets.

Google ads PPC

Google Ads PPC Advertising

Our Google Ads PPC Services

Experience the impact of our PPC Google Ads services. Our expert team crafts tailored campaigns that maximize ROI through strategic keyword targeting, compelling ad content, and constant optimization.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO, and why is it important for my business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines like Google. It’s crucial for driving organic traffic to your site, improving rankings, and increasing the likelihood of attracting qualified leads..

How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts?

The timeline for SEO results varies depending on factors such as website history, competition, and the industry. While some improvements may be noticeable within a few weeks, significant results often take several months. It’s a long-term strategy with lasting benefits.

What SEO techniques do you use?

We employ a comprehensive approach, including keyword optimization, on-page SEO, quality content creation, backlink building, and technical SEO. Our strategies are tailored to your business goals and designed to comply with search engine guidelines.

Can you guarantee first-page rankings on Google?

While we strive for high rankings, guaranteeing a specific position is challenging due to the dynamic nature of search algorithms. We focus on sustainable strategies that improve overall visibility and generate qualified organic traffic.

Do you offer local SEO services for businesses targeting a specific geographic area?

Absolutely. Local SEO is a key focus of our services. We optimize your online presence to ensure you’re prominently featured in local search results, driving traffic from users in your geographic target area.

Is SEO a one-time service, or does it require ongoing maintenance?

SEO is an ongoing process. To maintain and improve rankings, we provide continuous optimization, content updates, and monitoring. Our goal is to adapt to changes in search algorithms and keep your website at the forefront of search engine results.