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SEO Pricing: Cost of Search Engine Optimization

Based in Toronto, Jeff Social Marketing is a digital marketing agency that caters to corporate, small and medium firms.

Their SEO services include website audit, competitor analysis, compliance security and website speed optimization. They also help businesses get high-quality backlinks and make their websites more mobile-friendly. Apart from SEO, the agency also offers eCommerce and WordPress development, social media marketing, media relations and crisis management.

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Paid Marketing: Challenges, Market, Tips & Future

“Advertising takes time to pay off and it’s also worth considering retargeting which is a method of showing your ads to previous visitors from previous ads. Retargeting is important because customers are more likely to pay for your product on repeat visits”, explains Jeffrey Miles, Founder/Owner, Jeff Social Marketing. 

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Energy Crisis: Green Energy Hosting provides renewable energy for website clients around the world

While people in Europe struggle with the current energy crisis, Green Energy Hosting provides renewable energy website hosting for clients around the world.

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The top 5 SEO marketing firms and strategies in 2023

With Jeff Social Marketing you get the best out of your digital media marketing with their search engine optimization services. They will get you genuine backlinks, make your website mobile friendly and optimize your on-page SEO. Jeff Social Marketing also provides a free website SEO audit.

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The Best B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies to Hire

Jeff Social Web was launched in 2021, after the team comprising the agency has gained a wealth of experience with over 10 years working on websites, website security and website hosting. They offer straightforward pricing, simplified website security solutions, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer service.

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Best 2022 Digital Marketing Certifications

“We love the HubSpot academy because they are spot on with their lessons and it’s one hundred percent free to use. HubSpot has five certificates in their HubSpot Academy, a virtual classroom with video lessons followed by a one- to two-hour quiz. Certificates include social media, inbound marketing, S.E.O, digital marketing, and content marketing.” – Jeffrey Miles, Owner/Founder at Jeff Social Marketing

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Ways For Small Business Owners To Combat Inflation

“During a time of increased inflation, you want to audit your expenses to determine which of them may no longer be necessary for your business. Many small business owners have a few expenses they do not need to be putting out money toward, and an audit of your expenses will determine which ones these are.” – Ocean Hui, Accounting at Jeff Social Marketing

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Summer Marketing And Advertising Tips For Small Businesses In 2022

“Do a massive summer sale at the beginning of the season, or at the end – even if it’s online. The summer weather leads to consumers itching to spend, but they are also aware of the trends of summer sales. So if you don’t have a summer sale, your competition likely will.” – Jeffrey Miles, Owner of Jeff Social Marketing

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How Do Businesses Handle Difficult Prospects and Clients?

“I have had to turn clients down who have unreasonable expectations from me which include not being willing to pay a decent price for services offered.”

– Jeffrey Miles, Jeff Social Marketing

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Canadian website marketing company goes green with new renewable energy initiative.

Jeff Social Marketing, a social media marketing agency has launched an new environmentally friendly product called Green Energy Hosting.

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21 Keyword Research And Competitor Analysis Tips For 2022

“The best way to do keyword research is by using Google Search Console to determine which keywords you already rank for. Not only will you get the most accurate number of search queries for your keywords but you can improve the keywords you are already ranking for.” —Jeffrey Miles, Owner of Jeff Social Marketing

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Common Link Building Mistakes To Avoid

“Avoid getting links from websites with low domain authority. Also, make sure you’re not getting backlinks from a website that is not relevant to your brand and what your company offers. Having links from pages that have low domain authority and are not relevant will lower your ranking on the search engines. This leaves you behind in the search results you want to be visible for.” – Jeffrey Miles, Owner of Jeff Social Marketing

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UpCity Experts | 9 Zoom Presentation Tips In 2022

“Speak with confidence. After all, you are the expert in this discussion. And to reduce speaking anxiety, remind yourself that the people in your audience are there specifically to hear your expertise on the topic. In a way, the audience is there to support you and your ideas.”  -Ocean Hui, Management at Jeff Social Marketing

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How To Combat Workplace Burnout In The Digital Age

“When working remotely, I will move around as much as I can to prevent burnout. In the summer, for example, I often like to work outside in the sun or shade. I take breaks to do chores or exercise when feeling tired. And moving around between different workspaces can help prevent you from feeling bored or tired while working.” – Jeffrey Miles, Owner of Jeff Social Marketingeting

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Top Signs That It’s Time To Hire For Your Small Business

“Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone who is just ok at what they do. You want somebody who can do the job better than the expectations. So take your time when choosing somebody, and don’t rush the interview or hiring process.” – Jeffrey Miles, Owner of Jeff Social Marketing

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Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

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17 Expert Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses That Yield Fast Results + Best Agencies

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