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Our Sustainable Commitment

A Sustainable Future

Commitment Toward A Sustainable Enviroment

Jeff Social Marketing is a registered business based in Ontario that values sustainability and the environment. We believe that every business can make a positive impact on the planet and we strive to do our part in promoting a sustainable future.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have created, a website hosting service that is powered by renewable energy sources such as wind and hydroelectricity. We own and operate this service, ensuring more than fifty percent of the websites we host are powered by clean energy, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the growth of renewable energy.

We also believe in taking responsibility for our carbon emissions. That’s why we contribute 1.5% of every Stripe invoice to offset carbon through reputable organizations. This helps us offset the carbon footprint of our business operations and make a tangible impact in reducing our carbon emissions.

Another way we reduce our carbon footprint is by working remotely. By doing so, we eliminate the need for commuting to and from an office, which significantly reduces our carbon emissions. This approach also allows us to have a more flexible and productive work environment.

At Jeff Social Marketing, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We believe that businesses have a crucial role to play in creating a more sustainable future, and we are proud to be leading the way with our Grreen Energy Hosting service and other sustainability initiatives. Thank you for choosing to support a business that prioritizes sustainability.

Jeffrey Miles